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Fiduciary & Trust
Our Clients
•           international organisations
•           financial institutions and their clients
•           local businesses
•           financial sector professionalsr
•           private individuals
Sofinex SA guarantees consulting services on the highest level – in Luxembourg-specific as well as international commercial, tax, corporate and contract law.

The team is specialized, with many years of experience – also very well-informed, creative and innovative.

Our legal consultants, auditors and tax advisors work independently and are subject to all applicable regulations governing the profession.

Our auditors and tax advisors perform their work in compliance with Luxembourg and European standards.

Tax Engineering
International tax planning is a core competency of our consulting services.

Succession consulting
Sofinex SA works with you to develop solutions for secure and tax-optimized succession planning in private limited companies and corporations, taking into account all variations of international inheritance, beneficence and other transfer regulations.

Assets structuring
Sofinex SA offers consulting on tbe incorporation of legal entities, as well as the transfer of any type of assets to these entities – with the objective of separating personal from structural assets (necessary in the context of succession planning, creditor protection, mobility / flexibility and discretion.

International Consulting