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Sofinex SA incorporate all types of companies, local.ie. Soparfi ( Holding company ), SPF ( Family Wealth Management Company ), SICAR ( Private Equity & Venture Capital ) , SIF ( Specialised Investment Fund ), any other Luxembourg  investment company  as well as foreign companies.

Set up and management of Family Offices for single wealthy families or Multi-family office (MFO) that supports multiple families to manage their entire wealth.

Incorporation procedure
The incorporation of a Luxembourg company takes place, as a rule, in the following steps:

•Selection of company name

In this respect, there are no special regulations; the name must not be expressly related to the company purpose; creative names are allowed.

The company’s name must solely be distinguishable from that of any other Luxembourg-based company.

•Preparation of the articles of incorporation

The articles of incorporation are determined by the founding partners and then submitted to a notary. The articles of incorporation can be in French, German or English. If originally written in English, a translation to French, or German must be included.

•Capital provision

In case of a cash deposit, the deposited capital is paid, as a rule, to a blocked account at a European bank. The Bank then sends to the notary a written confirmation statement, as evidence of the deposit.

Where investments of material assets are concerned, a report issued by an independent auditor must be submitted to the notary. This report should verify that the value of the material investment at least equals the value of the shares issued in return.

•Notary Certification

The following documentation is required:

-    Bank certification or a report from an auditor (in case of apport en nature);

-    Copy of the applicant’s passport (for corporate entities, the excerpt from
     the commercial registry), as well as those of the directors, management and oversight organs;

-    Proxy statements for the persons appearing before the notary as the
     partners’ representatives;

-    Declaration of the final commercial beneficiary of the company.

The articles of incorporation are then signed, either by the founding partners themselves or in accordance with the proxy statement, and certified by the notary. Following this process, the company can begin its intended work.

•Registration and publication of the articles of incorporation

The articles of incorporation must be registered and entered into the commercial registry. Then, it must be published in the gazette.

•Time frame: Several days.

•Trading certificate

A potentially required trading certificate is obtained from the Ministry of Classes Moyennes  following establishment of the company.

Notice: as a rule, the company is already able to act in an unrestricted fashion according to the certification by the notary, and not required to await entry/publication in the trade registry.

Establishment costs
The establishment costs amount depending on the legal form and the amount of available share capital - and encompass the following:

•Concept for the articles of incorporation;
•Notary fees;
•Registration and entry of the articles of incorporation into the commercial registry, publication in the gazette.

Detailed price lists for SA / AG and SARL / GMBH

Shelf companies
Sofinex S.A.  also sells companies already incorporated - or overall corporate assets.

Head offices / Branch offices / Representative office
Sofinex S.A.  will register, in Luxembourg, the Representative Office, Branch Office or Head Office of your foreign-based company.
Incorporation of companies